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The list of questions

How much money can I make for doing advisory analysis of world news?

More than 30 world news is added to the site every day. Read the global news, analyze it and make a decision whether to recommend it or not. You will receive $ 5.5 for 1 advisory analysis of world news. You will earn from $ 165 every day.

How to start making money on the site?

To start making money on the site, you need to go through a simple registration procedure. After registering on the site, read the world news and make a decision whether to recommend this news or not. No investment or contributions are required from you. Just your recommendation.

What are the conditions for receiving money?

There are several conditions for receiving money:
1. You must specify the payment system for withdrawing funds to your account.
2. You need to dial a minimum amount of $ 885, which usually takes 3 to 5 days.
3. You must responsibly and daily analyze world news.

Why do I get money on the site?

All trends in the modern world are built thanks to recommendations. Big news corporations pay for your referrals. After registering on the site, you become an independent expert, whose recommendations are very valuable! You will receive $ 5.5 for analyzing any world news.

Do you need to invite friends? How much do I get for inviting 1 friend?

If you don't want to invite friends, then just don't - it's optional. Our project needs new users who can conduct advisory analysis of world news. If you decide to tell your friends about us, we will be happy! For each friend you invite, you will receive a reward of $ 5. To invite a new member, simply share your partner link on social networks.

Which country can I work from? What kind of work experience do I need?

Our project works and develops all over the world. It doesn't matter what country you live in. The main thing is a little knowledge of English. We accept people with no work experience in our project. You can learn quickly. The main thing is the desire to work.

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Your earnings for 1 conducted advisory analysis of world news is $ 5.5!